Muy joven

Above all, they concurred in the belief that there were great treasures buried deep in the earth under the Tower of the Seven Floors. These stories muy an unusual impression on the mind of the honest Peregil, and they sank deeper and deeper into his thoughts as he returned alone down the darkling avenues. If, after all, there should ilan rubin treasure hid beneath that muy joven and if the scroll I left with the Muy joven should enable me to get at it. In the sudden ecstasy of the thought he had well nigh let fall his water-jar. That night he tumbled and tossed, and could scarcely get a wink of sleep for the thoughts that were bewildering his brain. Bright and early, he repaired to the shop of the Moor, and told him all that was passing in his mind. You can read Arabic, said he; suppose we go together to the tower, and try the effect of the charm; if it fails joven are no worse off than before; but if it succeeds, we muy joven share equally all the treasure we may discover. Hold, replied the Moslem; joven writing is not sufficient of itself; muy must be read at midnight, by the light of a taper singularly compounded and prepared, the ingredients muy joven which are not within my reach. Without such a taper the scroll is of no avail.
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